Motivate and Inspire

This website was designed to motivate and inspire you.


One of the keys to becoming successful in business or in life is to reprogram your thinking and habits! If you think of where you are today and compare it to where you want to be tomorrow, ask yourself are you taking in the right programming to put out the right results.

What do you read daily? What programs do you watch on TV? Who do you associate with? If the answers to these questions are not things that will help you grow, then you need to start reprogramming your life. As we say in the field of Computer Science “Garbage In = Garbage Out”. If you only take in positive programming, you will only have positive results!

You are what you think about! You must change the way you think TODAY, if you expect to turn your life around. The ability to change your life lies within you and has always been there. You must use the portion of your brain that has been dormant, just waiting to be awakened.


Don’t fall for the myth that we only use 10% of our brain, that is simply not true. We basically use our entire brain, but sometimes we forget the things we’ve learned, and they lay dormant until we wake them up. It takes some form of stimulant to wake up certain thoughts and knowledge that is already there, just waiting to become active again. The stimulant that I speak of is not a drug, it is MOTIVATION AND INSPIRATION.



We have the power to change our lives in a positive way, it will require constant motivation and inspiration. We can find ways to motivate and inspire ourselves. We must search for positive messages daily and think positive thoughts 24 hours a day, even while we sleep. There is power in positive thinking and you will become more powerful every day that you control your thoughts and help to motivate and inspire others, as well as yourself.

I hope that you find MOTIVATION AND INSPIRATION on my blog that will change your life in a positive way and help you to motivate and inspire others to think positive!