Back in the 80s, the Legendary masters of motivation took the wisdom from the Law of Attraction and created life-changing motivational books and videos. They would inspire new authors and entrepreneurs for decades to come. The ancient formula for success had once again been revealed, and countless people were using the power of self-discipline to escape the 9 to 5.

By the time the 2000s arrived, the world had become far more competitive and success was much more elusive. To make matters worse, new age motivational books based on the last ramblings of a then senile Napoleon Hill were appearing and misleading millions. ACTION had been conveniently removed from the Law Of AttrACTION, and many put their faith in the new mystical method that left them waiting years for a magical time that would never come. The hopes of countless dreamers were crushed, and the Law of Attraction methodology was forever tainted.

Becoming successful in 2018 is harder than ever. The copy/paste motivational books of today are dated and lacking, and those who manage to make it to the next level are reluctant to share their secrets, fearful of harsh public judgment. So just what is it they are not telling you?

There are three main “secrets” that modern authors neglect to mention. The first is a certain set of values that, when fully adopted, open the door to the next level. This essential behavior can be expressed in a single sentence, but most people will instantly reject the revelation if their mind is not properly prepared for the shocking truth. With that in mind, here’s your first mindset shift. Understanding the message found in this simple example will alone provoke significant results.

Andy, Brian, and Carl are all trapped in a slippery pit too high to climb out of. Carl tells Brian to stand on Andy’s shoulders, then Carl climbs up the human ladder and scrambles over the ridge to freedom. The Carl’s of the world always make it to the next level. The Brian’s sometimes get a helping hand up. The Andy’s ALWAYS get left behind! Are you an Andy, a Brian, or a Carl? Think that over for a few minutes.

Next are the unwritten, unspoken rules of the game of life. Take a look at these three steps.

    1. Decide where to go
    2. Get started in the right direction
    3. Don’t stop

These familiar three steps are reiterated in practically every motivational book since the (now dated) masterpiece “Think & Grow Rich” first hit the shelves. Back then, the road to success was an untraveled dusty trail, but the fast moving world of today is very different. Giving a first-time driver the keys to a car then sending them on their way with only those three steps will surely end in disaster. There is a strict code, there are signs, and there are limits that ensure a safe journey.

To make matters worse, society is rigged to keep you down and hold you back. The modern game is designed to keep everyone in place. “They” don’t want the apple to fall far from the tree, but when you know what “they” know, you’ll see cracks that lead to holes, holes that lead to paths.

The third missing link is the hardest to believe, and only makes sense to those who have already walked the path. It is the hardest concept to grasp, which is why I chose to explain this by writing it into a short fictional thriller. The narrative reveals the final key that can open all doors. It will change you at the core, change how you perceive your day-to-day life. The powerful imagery of the dramatic fiction will linger, and it will be your most powerful ally in the battle to keep your mindset properly orientated.

Use the rules to your advantage for a change. Fix your mindset at the core instead of battling against your inner self. Identify your strengths, who you are, and what you were born to do. Success is a combination lock. Get everything properly set, and unlock your full potential.


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