Motivate and Inspire, Written By: W. Diggins

I checked my social media accounts this morning as I do every day and found an IM from an old friend that I have not seen or spoke to in over 30 years. The message was very touching and surprising since most of the things you see on social media are negative. This woman was a friend who was much younger than I but very mature for her age at that time.

Her message started by thanking me for being a positive influence in her life while she was going through some tough times at that point. She stated that she listened to the things that I told her and appreciated the fact that I was not afraid to voice my opinion. She ended her message by stating that I helped her to be a better person and she went on to become successful in her endeavors.







I can’t impress upon you how important it is to motivate and inspire everyone that you speak to because you never know how it may change a person’s life. Every person that you encounter has some need or void that should be fulfilled by your positive message. We encounter so much negativity in our everyday life that we think it is normal and ok deal with. You never know how a positive message can save someone from going over the edge.

If you realize that your issues are nothing compared to what someone else may be going through and that it is more important to listen more and speak less. When you do speak you should be able to better understand and assist people in dealing with their issues. Try helping to motivate and inspire someone and by doing so you will intern help yourself, you will see that you are as fulfilled as they are.

If we all live a positive lifestyle it will become contagious and spread, then eventually overcome the disease of negativity that is so prevalent in this world. Say good morning to a person who never speaks to you, smile at a person who never smiles, thank someone who is never grateful. You can change someone’s life with a simple act of kindness and a positive message.







Remember we never know who we inspired, since we may never see or hear from that person again. Make sure that you leave people a positive impression and a message that they will remember and spread to the next person they encounter.

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