Work Hard and Dream Big

You must have the ability to visualize your dreams in order to achieve them. Without a solid plan and visualization, your goals become a daydream. Daydreams may be entertaining but they rarely produce long lasting results. When most people daydream they jump immediately to the goal in life; dreaming of the HGTV dream home and not thinking, “If I work hard I will be able to afford this home one day;” dreaming of being the next American Idol, but not taking the time to learn the words to the song or practice the music. Some dream of owning a boat, but never learning how to stay on course in their career so they can afford one. You must reprogram your mind to achieve positive behavior. Visualize the goals you want. If you want a new job, then see yourself in that job. Plan your next move step-by-step, and minute-by-minute. This will build confidence and self esteem when you apply for a new position. When you see kids playing basketball on the court, they imitate the great players. They see themselves going to the hoop just like LeBron “King” James. Watching LeBron James make plays and moving the ball is more than just visualization for the young kids, it’s a rehearsal. See yourself as a winner, and you’ll be a winner. This is the time to start moving toward the steps of visualization. Keep in mind that if you see yourself as a failure, you’ll be a failure. Be careful about poor self images that you pick and emulate. Remember, some people say, “Be careful what you pray for because it might come true.” 
I Have a Dream

Great leaders see things not as they are but as they would like them to be. I’m quite sure if Martin Luther King would have accepted the plight of the African American and never dreamed that one day his children would be able to go to the amusement parks in Alabama with other children, or never dreamed his children would be able to sit hand-in-hand in restaurants. If he never dreamed, he would not have had the vision that he shared with others as he stood on stage and talked about “I have a dream.” Deeply rooted in the American dream, Martin Luther King’s dream was a visualization that could be. He saw the world for what we could make of it and the way that it should be one day.

Build Your Dream Book For What You See Is What You Get

Research and plan your next step. Understand the mechanics of work and how life is but also have the ability to see life the way you want it to be. When you are able to change your vision, then you are on the road to success. Write your way to success by developing a planning book. Section your book into life chapters for improvement. The first chapter should be on building the mind. How many books should I read? What areas of improvement should I do my research? The next chapter could be on health and fitness outlining my personal goals for achievement. Do you want to run in a 5k marathon or just shape up a little to fit into that new outfit? A very popular chapter is the home improvement and you can start from the inside out. Plans from building a man cave, redecorating rooms, remodeling the kitchen, planting tress and flowers should be written in each of your chapters. The chapters should be labeled with organizational folders so you can easily add new information as you discover new ideas. Just think of the time you save by having all this information right at your finger tips. You now have a system for storing the knowledge you gain when looking through magazines, discovering a web page or picking up a brochure. Do you remember as a child you would cut and paste and draw your dreams and visions with bright colors on big paper? When you become an adult you put away your childish toys, pull them out again and write a blueprint to trace your footprints with big bold dreams.

Dream it, write it, save it, and then make it happen. Promise yourself that your dreams will become your symbols of achievement. Color your dreams; paste them on the refrigerator door with magnets. Sprinkle a little water of knowledge on your dreams by going on line and researching the potential and possibilities of achievement. Understanding the degree of difficulty will give you a time frame to attach to the dream.

Believe in yourself and know that you can accomplish the goals that you have set. Work hard and strive for excellence in all that you do. Be true to yourself and understand, the harder you work the luckier you get. Believe in yourself and your dreams will come true.

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