From Dreams to Reality

While listening to the Dream Motivational Video today, I thought about a conversation that I had with a close friend a few days ago. We discussed how we started our Home-Based Businesses after dreaming about working for our-self. It is important to not just dream but to act on those dreams by turning them into reality. If you program yourself to think positive, you will dream positive, act positive and live positive. I sometimes find myself in a funk and must get back on track by reprogramming myself to input positive thoughts.

The human mind is like a computer and requires positive input to output positive results. If you wake every morning thinking about how you hate to go to work, you will have that same negative feeling all day. It is very important to get in a great frame of mind when your wake up every day. Don’t hit the snooze when you hear your alarm clock, get right up, stretch, smile, and say today will be a great day. Start your day thinking about what you want to achieve, have a plan for each day and you will find yourself closer to your goals.

I constantly hear people say to get rid of the dead weight in your life, distance yourself from the negative people in your life, and a lot of other statements that sound positive. I’m here to tell you that it is virtually impossible to delete all negative aspects that you encounter daily. Sometimes that negative person is a spouse, parent, child, or even a boss. These people you are going to have to deal with, and it is important that you respond to them not in the same negative way. Always smile in the face of negativity, never give in to that negative frame of mind. You’ll be surprised how these people will soon realize that they can’t ruin your day any longer.

Read Motivational Books and watch Motivational Videos. I found a very inspiring book by the Renown Motivational Speaker Eric Thomas: The Secret to Success. It explains how he turned his dreams into reality, while dealing with all sorts of adversity.

You will see a difference in your life when your positive thoughts turn into positive dreams, and positive dreams turn into reality. We dream not only at night when we sleep, but also during our daily activities. Make sure that you keep focused and think, dream, and act positive. You will soon see the difference in your life. Your dreams will become reality!

Written by: WDiggins

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