If you like Science Fiction, I’m sure you have seen the movies where someone or something was surrounded by a forcefield that was used to keep something in, or something out. Well let’s think about how we can use the same strategy to keep positivity in our life and negativity out.

You must keep an impenetrable positive forcefield around you 24 hours a day. Don’t allow anyone to disrupt your positive forcefield. A positive forcefield is built by positive energy that we create from deleting the negative things in our life. Soon people who you encounter daily, will feel the positive energy that surrounds you. Negative people will realize that it is useless to try to break your forcefield and they will succumb to is positive energy.

Positive Energy and Negative Energy are not equal, positive is much stronger energy once harnessed correctly. You must learn to use your positive energy in every aspect of your life. Don’t allow anything to affect your life that is not that big of an issue. If you think about some of the things that upset you, they can sometimes be attributed to overreaction.  We must learn to maintain our positive energy and not allow a breach in our positive forcefield.

Ask yourself how do I strengthen my positive forcefield and you will find the answer is simple. You must stay motivated, inspired, and happy. Start the day off with a smile and a positive thought. The way you start the day will be the way you end the day. Inspire someone each day, leave them with a positive attitude and impression of you. Smile in the face of negativity and adversity, it takes less energy than a negative response.

Seek positive reinforcement constantly, listen to motivational recordings, talk to other people with positive attitudes, read material that inspires you, and stay away from negative energy. Maintain your positive forcefield and watch how your life will change for the better. Start building your positive forcefield today.


Written by: WDiggins

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