By: WDiggins

Stop worrying about what other people think of you. We tend to rely on other’s opinions of our self-worth. We listen to both criticism and compliments from others about ourselves. Have you ever thought about what your parents think of you, your spouse, or even your friends and co-workers? I want you to stop and concerning yourself with other people’s opinions of you and remember the most important thing in your life. YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK OF YOURSELF!

Most people see you as you see yourself! When you change how you think and feel about yourself, people will begin to see you in a different light.

If you start to program yourself to be happy with who you are and to do self-evaluation daily, you will become the person that you want to be. We have control over our thinking and must think that we are a great leader, a great person, a great spouse, a great parent, and anything else that we desire. You should go to sleep every night thinking about how you can be better at who you want to be. You should wake up every morning with a plan to make yourself a better person.

It is within you to redirect your thinking, you can start right now. You can think positive thoughts and to control the way you respond to negativity. Don’t wait until tomorrow, start right now, this very second. If you think better of yourself and act like the person you want to be, the people that you interact with will begin to see the transformation. Use what is lying dormant within you, wake up the sleeping lion within you and let him hunt.  See yourself as a leader and become the leader. You are no longer a member of the pack, you are leader, and pack now follows you.  YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK OF YOURSELF!

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